Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Pahadi Shareef, an oldest but most neglected ward in Jalpally

Lack of comprehensive planning and a political will to ensure development of all the wards equally in Jalpally municipality is actually killing the very purpose of ushering a holistic growth of this densely populated Urban Local Body (ULB), also known as a most impoverished Muslim majority enclave on the city outskirts.

It seems that the idea of merging gram panchayats into municipalities in Rangareddy district is not working well especially in the case of Jalpally municipality where most of the wards are still underprivileged when it comes to development.

What would be a better example than the Pahadi Shareef Dargah Basti area, an oldest habitation tagged as Ward No.12 in the Jalpally municipality?

Despite having a most revered shrine of Hazrat Baba Sharfuddin, this ward remains an impoverished look due to lack of proper roads and other amenities like sewerage line and safe water supply while people irrespective of religion visit the Dargah every day in myriad for blessings.

Despite a tiny ward of merely five streets with a population of over 1881 people (as per 2011 census which presently crossed to over 4,000), this area has no street road or proper water and sewerage system to help people live atleast with basic amenities.

Lashing out at the leadership and the officials for failing to bring basic infrastructure to the area, Syed Ameer, a resident of Pahadi Shareef said, “Neither the roads are being laid nor the sewerage system was available in Ward No. 12. Besides, unsafe bore water too adds to the woes of the people in an area considered as the oldest habitation in Jalpally municipality. The situation has remained unchanged since the municipality was formed in the year 2016 even though the area has a famous shrine with a daily footfall of over 200 visitors and revered by all.”

Shedding a light over the pathetic state of civic and sanitary affairs in the Pahadi Shareef area, Samad Bin Saddiq, a community activist said, “People, here get the water from an underground water tank with two worn-out steel lids and are fully exposed to filth flowing outside the tank. “Apart from this, lack of regular sanitary measures like lifting of garbage and sweeping the streets are the other issues adding to local people’s misery.”