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Pakistan Releases 198 Indian Fishermen

Pakistani authorities have released 198 Indian fishermen who had been detained in the country’s territorial waters in the Arabian Sea.

On Thursday, the fishermen, who were imprisoned in Karachi’s Malir Jail, boarded a train destined for Lahore, from where they will make their final journey to India, The News reported.

Pakistan decided to release the Indian fishermen as a gesture of goodwill. According to the authorities at the Malir Jail, the initial group of released Indian fishermen comprised 200 individuals.

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Unfortunately, two of them succumbed to illness during their detention and the remaining 198 were released, The News reported.

The remaining batches of detained Indian fishermen are scheduled for release in June and July. As impoverished fishermen of both Pakistan and India often transgress into the other country’s territories, the maritime security forces of both countries frequently apprehend them.

The Edhi Foundation organized the train travel for the Indian fishermen, ensuring their safe passage to Lahore.

Upon their arrival in Lahore, the fishermen would be transferred to the Federal Investigation Agency, which would oversee their transportation to the Wagah border, The News reported.





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