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Police Nab Two Interstate Marijuana Smuggling Gangs Using Hyderabad as Transit Point

In separate operations, Cyberabad Special Operations Teams (SOT) captured two interstate gangs involved in smuggling marijuana through Hyderabad as a transit point to Maharashtra, in collaboration with local law enforcement.

Four people were arrested as a result of these operations, and 1.228 kg of illegal marijuana was seized. Authorities also recovered a weapon built in the nation, 14 rounds of ammo, and two magazines.

In the first case, the SOT Medchal zone worked with Dundigal police to capture a gang made up of people from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Mohammed Inam, Banti Kashyap, Lalith Kumar Kashyap, and Mohammed Saad were among those arrested. They were found with a pistol made in the nation, two magazines, 14 live rounds, 508 kg of marijuana, and two vehicles.

Mohammed Inam and Mohammed Saad are from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffar Nagar, while Banti Kashyap and Lalith Kumar Kashyap are from Haryana’s Panipat. Mohammed Inam, an Inter dropout, has a history of property crimes and a fondness for a luxury lifestyle. He and Mohammed Saad were previously involved in the illegal transit of marijuana from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, to Solapur, Maharashtra, via Hyderabad.


The gang’s principal recipient, Bablu Shinde of Solapur, Maharashtra, and primary supplier, Subhash of Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, are both on the run. The group had planned a scheme to smuggle drugs in order to make quick money, and had obtained the country-made handgun for protection during transportation.

In the second case, the SOT Madhapur Zone, working with Narsingi police, apprehended two Maharashtra suppliers, Vishal Chandrakanth Shinde and Sagar Bhaban Deshmukh. These people were discovered carrying 720 kg of marijuana in a medium-sized truck. They were recruited to transport contraband from an Andhra Pradesh guy named Rahman to traffickers in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Rahman allegedly hires drivers to carry drugs across state lines, paying them Rs 12,000 every journey. The drugs in this particular operation were concealed within empty vegetable crates in the truck.The two people were captured in the early hours of Tuesday on a service road in Manchirevula.These successful operations show law enforcement’s continuous efforts to combat drug trafficking and illicit activity in the region.


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