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Rahul Gandhi to Tour Telangana for Election Campaign

As part of the election campaign, AICC former president Rahul Gandhi will hold a series of public appearances throughout Telangana.

When he arrives at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, he will conduct street corner gatherings and road shows in five Assembly constituencies.

Rahul Gandhi’s activities will begin with a helicopter journey to Pinapaka, where a road corner meeting is scheduled. He will next travel to Narsampet, where he will participate in various programs for two to three hours. Following that, he will embark on a ‘pada yatra’ (foot march) throughout the Warangal East and West constituencies.

Following that, Rahul Gandhi will proceed by route to Hyderabad, where he will address a meeting in Rajendranagar. His tour will come to an end with his return to the nation’s capital.

This proactive participation by the former Congress president emphasizes Telangana’s importance in the impending elections, with numerous constituencies being covered to directly communicate with the electorate. The events are expected to have an impact on the region’s political discourse and strategies.

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