Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Shifting vaccination center frequently made people vexed in Rajendranagar

Shifting of vaccination center more than twice in a month in Rajendranagar circle has made people dejected and feel inconvenient enough as the GHMC Circle No. 11 has shifted the center yet another time to a new and isolated location much to the chagrin of Jab seekers.

After changing two private locations during the last 25 days, the vaccination center for the people of Rajendranagar has finally touched down at an isolated government accommodation of Old Veterinary College where arrangements were made for inoculation drive afresh. It is the third location being identified ever since the drive was first started at a Function Hall at Shivrampally area.

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Earlier this month, the GHMC made an arrangement at SNC Function Hall Shivrampally to carry out vaccination drive on a massive scale. However, only after two weeks, the center was shifted to Metro Classic Garden, Aramghar Cross Road nearly one and a half kilometers away where the vaccination drive lasted again for two weeks. Now on 25th June, the GHMC again shifted the inoculation center to a new location three kilometers away at Old Veterinary College, Rajendranagar causing inconvenience to people wishing to get the jabs.

“Out of 20 vaccination centers in the entire Rajendranagar division, the Rajendranagar circle carries only two that include one at Old Veterinary College and another at M.M.Pahadi Shareef. Daily over one thousand people are taking shots at these two centers in Rajendranagar Circle. Only today there were around 1307 people who took their jab. While 12 lakh people have taken shots so far in entire Rangareddy District, the Rajendranagar division alone contributes to around 4 lakh while 41,851 people covered in Rajendranagar Circle since the drive begins earlier this month,” informed Dy.DM&HO Dr.Srujana.

However, changing location time and again from place to another is causing a great inconvenience to the people who have to run to search for the current location of vaccination in Rajendranagar as it is changing frequently by the GHMC. “This is the third such shift in location ever since the inoculation drive commenced. Hundreds of people are booking slots to get their jabs but are confused about the actual location of the canter which is frequently changing. This has made them dejected and even wound up as they feel it inconvenient enough to take the shots travelling to far away locations that too changing from time to time,” bemoaned Syed Shoukat Ali, a community activist.