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SP MP Hasan opposes One Nation One Election, UCC

Outgoing Samajwadi Party MP from Moradabad, ST Hasan said on Sunday that the BJP manifesto talks about One Nation One Election, but the ground reality is that this is not possible in India.

“Here governments are formed and sometimes they collapse. Will we have to wait for 5 years for the elections in the One Nation One Election rule? They will run their business by imposing President’s rule there if elections have to be held together,” he said.

Secondly, he said, the BJP manifesto talks about the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) but we Muslims are not going to follow the Common Civil Code — we follow the instructions given in Shariat and this does not cause any inconvenience to others. Our daughters get their share in property as stated in Shariat.

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He said that if any Muslim does not follow Shariat, he or she is free to move out of Islam.

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