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Telangana Introduces Home Voting for Assembly Elections

Telangana has pioneered a home voting facility for older people and those with disabilities for the next assembly elections.

This service, which is accessible until November 27, is the state’s first of its kind. During the Karnataka elections, a similar effort was implemented.

This is how the home voting system works:

  • Application Submission: Eligible voters, including those over the age of 80, those with a disability of 40% or more, and those working in essential services, must submit an application (Form 12-D) to the Returning Officer (RO) within five days of the announcement of Telangana Assembly polls.
  • Visit by Polling Officials: Two polling officials will visit eligible voters’ residences to collect their postal ballot votes. These votes will be counted in addition to the others.
  • Ensuring Secrecy: The voting mechanism maintains confidentiality, and the entire operation will be videotaped. The video will be sent to the RO.

Telangana Assembly elections are due for November 30, 2023, with vote counting on December 3. The TRS (formerly known as BRS) won 88 of 119 seats in the previous election in 2018, becoming the government. The Congress’ seat share fell from 21 to 19, while AIMIM won seven. The BJP won one seat.

The addition of a home voting facility intends to improve accessibility and inclusivity in the political process, particularly for people who have difficulty getting to polling places. It’s a huge step toward making elections more accessible to people from all walks of life.

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