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Telangana’s Remarkable Growth: Setting the Standard for Development

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao stated on Friday that Telangana, which is at the forefront of the new phase of development, has established best practises that can serve as growth accelerators. He emphasised the state’s extraordinary results during the last nine years, citing them as a model of growth for the rest of India. The Chief Minister unfurled the tricolour at the Dr B R Ambedkar Secretariat complex and paid respect to the Telangana Martyrs at Gun Park to kick off the Telangana State Formation Day celebrations.

During the Telangana Avirbhava Sabha in 2014, the Chief Minister pledged to rebuild Telangana in a way that the rest of the country might learn from. He remarked that this promise has become a reality in just nine years, with Telangana emerging as an inspiring example for others to follow by exhibiting its unique growth model.

Despite hurdles, like as the COVID-19 epidemic, Telangana’s success and development model have received broad national and international praise and appreciation. People from other states have indicated a desire to duplicate the Telangana development model.

The Chief Minister thanked everyone who has contributed to the state’s growth, including government employees, elected representatives, and bureaucrats. He emphasised the necessity of Telangana serving as an inspiration to future generations.



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