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Two killed in Bengaluru overhead water tank collapse

Two people were killed on the spot and two others injured after an overhead water tank came crashing down from the fourth floor of a building in Bengaluru, police said.

The incident took place in the limits of Shivajinagar police station late Wednesday night. Of the two victims, one had been identified as 40-year-old Arul, while the second is yet to be named.

According to the police, Arul ran a fast-food cart adjacent to the building. The wall on which the water tank was placed had weakened over a period of time.

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Along with the tank, aportion of the wall in the building also collapsed. Two injured persons, of which one is said to be in a seious condition, have been shifted to a hospital.

East Division DCP Bheema Shankar Guled said the building is close to the Shivajinagar bus terminal and preliminary probe suggested that the tank was placed overhear without any intial checks. The guilty will be punished after the investigation, he added.










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