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Unseasonal rains wreak havoc on Mango groves, veggies in Vikarabad

The three days of unseasonal rain accompanied by hailstorm and gusty winds in Telangana region since Thursday has wrecked a havoc on standing crops especially the mango groves spreads mainly across four constituencies such as Vikarabad, Tandoor, Pargi and Kodangal in Vikarabad district from where the green leafy vegetables and variety of delicious mangoes show-up into the Hyderabad markets.

A significant damaged was done in Pudur mandal of Vikarabad district where the wrath of the nature’s fury ruined the mango groves in villages such as Manneguda, Ankepally, Marpally and Mominpet that are generally known as a hub of mango groves just 70 kilometers away from Hyderabad, the city of Nizams and Nawabs.

Most importantly the Manneguda village in the district is known for delicious varieties of mangoes having famous for their mouth-watering taste and texture across the country and abroad. However, the rain coupled with extensive hailstorm has flattened groves right at the fruiting stage that left the owners completely high and dry.

While recalling the accounts of havoc, the local owners of mango groves said that The three day long spell of incessant rains coupled with hailstorm has caused a significant damage to the mango crops which were ready to harvest soon before making into the markets.

“Unable to endure the gusty winds, the tender fruits dropped down from the trees even before they attended to a ripening stage while whatever fruits remained hanging over the plants were also getting rotten due to hailstorms. We will lose even the capital investment incurred on raising mango trees if the unseasonal rains continue to wreak havoc in the days to come,” informed Mohd Mateen, a fruit merchant.

Not much  different is the situation of vegetable fields in the district where irreparable damage was done to standing crops  of Tomatoes, Sorghum and Corn etc due to heavy showers that simmered the farmers into bereavement. Farmers in Erravalli village said that they raise crops of tomatoes in their fields but suffered heavy damage due to the unseasonal rains during the last three days.