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Who Was Sofia Cheung?

Hong Kong influencer Sofia Cheung tragically lost her life after slipping and falling into a waterfall while taking a selfie on July 10, 2021, at Ha Pak Lai park.

Accompanied by friends, Cheung, 32, was attempting to capture a photo at Pineapple Mountain overlooking a waterfall when she slipped and fell into the 16-ft pool below.

Known for her adventurous spirit showcased on her Instagram page @hike.sofi, which had around 12,000 followers, Cheung often hiked to risky locations for captivating photos. Her final post, shared on July 9, 2021, featured an optimistic caption anticipating the weekend.

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Following the accident, Cheung’s friends promptly alerted emergency services, but tragically, she was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Ha Pak Lai park, known for its scenic beauty and biodiversity, offers stunning sunset views. The area where the incident occurred near Yuen Long is particularly renowned for its sunset vistas along the Tsing Dai stream.

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