Saturday, September 23, 2023
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YouTube Rolls Out “Shorts”, Distributes Rewards For $100 Million

Youtube is constantly working towards enhancing its engagement on the platform. In another move, Youtube recently announced that they’d be paying $100million to creators who use Youtube Shorts.

Youtube To Reward Creators With Rewards For Using Youtube Shorts

As per the latest reports, every month, the company will reach out to the creators and encourage them to use Youtube Shorts. And the ones who receive the highest engagement will be rewarded for their contributions.

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The company said on their blog that the Shorts Fund is the first step towards building a better monetization model for Youtube. However, The Shorts Fund is not just limited to the creators registered with the YouTube Partner Programme. Other creators are also eligible to participate if their content is original and they adhere to their Community Guidelines.

Youtube also said that they will be taking feedback from the creators as well. This would help them make improvements in the new feature and help them keep it a part of their long-time plan.

Talking about the rewarding system, they said that they are excited to start rewarding their creators. At the same time, they plan to expand Youtube Shorts to other surfaces on YouTube. It would help them find new creators and artists.

Four New Features for Youtube Shorts 

To make Youtube Short more interesting for the users, the company has decided to add four features.

Youtube Shorts allows the users to choose the time duration of the video for recording. It ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The second feature includes adding filters while recording and editing the videos that the users choose to upload.

The third feature allows the users to add captions to their videos and the fourth one includes a separate tab in the explore section. It will be located at the bottom of the app and the explore option will be shifted to the top of the app.