Monday, June 14, 2021
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City roads and markets chocked post lockdown announcement

In Hyderabad city, markets burst into seams following the government announced 10 days of lockdown starting from 12th May with just 4 hours of relaxation from 6.00 am to 10.00 am every day till the end of the restriction.

People throng to the markets and stores to buy groceries and other festive stuff in order to ensure sufficient stock of the essential commodities to celebrate eid festivities without any hassle. Traffic on all thoroughfares and especially those leading to markets were seen choked for hours and for several kilometers.

Roads leading to Abids via Osman Gunj were seen gasping to breathe with vehicles from all directions stranded throughout the stretch. Similar is the situation of Madina circle to high court road where, despite the presence of traffic police, traffic movements were seen creeping on the stretch and passengers face difficulty in finding a way amidst bumper-to-bumper choking.

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The issue of traffic jams at Osman Gunj was due to wayside parking of vehicles by the people to purchase groceries on a hurry naturally due to all of a sudden announcement of lockdown from tomorrow itself. This leaves no much time for the people who throng to the markets waywardly to ensure sufficient stock in their houses.

However, all of a sudden announcement of lockdown brought worries even for traders, shopkeepers and vendors of emitating jewelry at Madina to Charminar stretch who were under a false impression of the government announced that it will not impose any lockdown in any circumstance.

“We were completely surprised by the sudden imposition of lockdown. For sure, the business of last days will hit hard by the governments’ decision. Already the pandemic has a bearing on our business as much of the people avoiding venturing out to purchase anything except essential commodities while only festive season attracts people to our end,” rued Mohd. Anwar sells emitating jewelry on a cart at Charminar.

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Similar to the Ugadi festival, the government did not releassed Aasra pension to differently-abled persons making them completely exhousted before Eid-ul-Firt festivities. The pensions supposed to be drawn into accounts by 5th of every month. It was 10th of May and no one received the pension that makes us completely penniless. Ironically, the government has imposed lockdown in the state much to the chagrin of desabled people who see pension as an important source to secure the wherewithal, bemoaned Afroz, a desabled person from Hassan Nagar.