Thursday, September 29, 2022
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LinkedIn Survey Shows Gen Z Feels “Left Out” After Facing Rejections From Employers Amidst Pandemic

The pandemic has led to various economic strains across the nations. It has affected small and big business organizations alike. Following this, many people lost their jobs and many companies are refraining from hiring new recruits. Amidst this, a LinkedIn report showed that most of the Gen Z job seekers are disappointed after facing rejection from employers.

LinkedIn India Country Manager Emphasizes On Skills For Workforce Transformations 

As per the report released by the LinkedIn survey titled “Career Aspirations Gen Z India”, at least 70 percent of the applications were either cancelled or delayed indefinitely. And around 90 percent of the Gen Z job applicants felt dejected.

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The survey was conducted along with the German research firm GfK and revealed that the 72 percent of the students and 65 percent of Gen Z were professionally impacted during the Second wave of the Covid 19 across the country.

Ashutop Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn said that this must come as a distress call for the employers to urgently reimagine how they hire and develop talent to prevent the young professionals from feeling left out.

He said in a statement that skills are the currency to transform the workforce. It is also the only viable solution to tackle the evolving workforce dilemma.

Gen Z Points Out Biggest Barriers Amidst Pandemic 

In the survey, the Gen Z students and professionals also spoke about the biggest barriers during the recruiting process amidst the pandemic. The votes for “fewer opportunities”, “slower recruitments” and “higher competition” as the top three reasons that affected their job searches.

Some other factors included lack of guidance for skills and increased responsibilities because of the pandemic. Meanwhile, around 72 percent of the students stated that the internship opportunities also greatly reduced during the second wave of Covid 19. And for the ones who are employed, shared that they experienced a pay cut while some lost their jobs because the company started to cut down on their expenses.