Monday, June 14, 2021
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Madhya Pradesh railway police booked for leaving dead body in open; rats feast on it.

A grave case of negligence has been registered against the Railway Police near Bhopal after they left a young man’s dead body in the open overnight resulting with the rats feasting on the man.

The family of the victim, who filed the case, have claimed that the rats ate the eye of their kin member and blamed the Railway cops for it. 

The incident took place after the GRP found a young man’s body on Thursday night on a train. Upon finding it, the cops shifted the body to a hut situated outside Itarsi city railway station. The GR police have alleged that as they do not have a mortuary, they utilize the hut for keeping the dead bodies. They said that they recover 4-6 bodies from trains every month and store them all in this hut. 

According to the police, the 33-year-old man was traveling from Bengaluru to Delhi and has been presumed to have died during the journey. 

They initially found Jitendra Singh, the victim, in an unconscious state in the Karnataka express train on the night of Thursday. After getting checked by a doctor, he was declared dead. 

The police then shifted the body to the station at 11.30 pm and later put it in the hut. 

As evidence, the police sent a picture of the body to Jitendra’s family after informing them of the incident, said an official. 

Till the time his family came to the station, which was at 2pm on the next day, they found the mutilated condition of the body as it was lying in the hut for over 14 hours. 

The Railway Police have spoken against the allegations and defended their stance of not taking the dead body to a mortuary rather than the hut as apparently it was discovered late at night and couldn’t be shifted then. 

An official said that they had posted a guard at the hut for the body, nevertheless, there hasn’t been any statement from the guard. 

He added that the hut has been constructed especially for storing dead bodies found on trains but rats haven’t attacked anybody prior to this incident. 

It was more concerning as the Itarsi railway junction is the biggest of Madhya Pradesh state yet the railway’s police are not provided a mortuary for evident purposes. 

Officials said their constant requests to the Railways for a mortuary to safeguard bodies have been met with zero responses. 

This incident adds to the growing cases coming from Indore and Bhopal where hospitals are being held guilty and utterly negligent for leaving dead bodies out in the open, permitting them to either get decomposed or eaten by animals. Some of the cases have also led to magistrate probes and inquiries.