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Operation Muskan: Andhra Police Rescue 16457 Kids, Four Test Positive for COVID-19

Amaravati: From the sum of 16,457 rescued kids as a part of Andhra Pradesh police department’s ‘Operation Muskan‘, COVID-19 test of 2,195 was led of which just four tested positive while the police are waiting for the results of 631 additional kids.

A police official stated, “A total of 2,195 kids have already been tested for COVID-19 until now, tests for the rest of them are underway. Unfortunately, out of those whose results have been declared, four kids have tested positive and are being given necessary medical attention.”

Operation Muskan‘ was not just pointed toward saving the lost and wayward kids yet additionally to check if they had contracted COVID-19.

In under seven days’ time, AP police saved 16,457 kids in a joint effort with Child-Line and Child Welfare Committee (CWC), alongside district police departments at all transit points, for example, railway stations, bus stations, hotels, parks and others.

Director-General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang straightforwardly regulated the rescue activity, dispatching 794 police teams.

The saved kids included child labourers, kids living on the roads, orphans and furthermore the kids who fled from home.

Of the 16,457, 2,869 young girls and the remaining were 13,588 were boys.

A few kids, who were missing during journeys, kidnapped and those that fled from homes because of poverty and upset family conditions, were abandoned in the homes run by NGOs. Many of them were workings in as child labourers, bonded child labours in houses, shops, garages, restaurants and other organisations.

A few kids were reunited with their family members while others were sent off to child care centres.

Counselling had been given to the parents and they were told to send their children to schools, said West Godavari District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) Ch. Surya Chakraveni

The state police began ‘Operation Muskan‘ in January, finishing three iterations as of now and rescuing a sum of 25,298 kids from across the southern state.


source: with input from ians