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Pollution levels rise significantly in Hyderabad, resulting in drop in air quality

As pollution in the city has increased significantly, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in many parts of Hyderabad has dropped to a ‘poor’ level.

Currently, PM 2.5 concentrations in the city are 3.1 times higher than the WHO’s recommended limit.

Today, the Zoo Park area had the worst AQI level of 162, which is close to an unhealthy level. Somajiguda, Central University, and the Hyderabad US Consulate areas all had high AQI levels of 156, 155, and 155, respectively.

Except for Madhapur Village, Puppalguda, and Shirdi Sai Nagar, which had ‘Moderate’ levels, all other areas had ‘poor’ air quality.

Air quality in Hyderabad during lockdown

Due to the reduction in business activity and vehicular movement during the lockdown in Hyderabad, the city’s air quality improved significantly.

However, soon after the resumption of business activities and the increase in vehicular traffic following the lifting of the lockdown, Hyderabad’s air quality deteriorated as pollution levels rose significantly.

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On Diwali day in Hyderabad, PM 2.5 levels increased from 34 to 105 micrograms per cubic meter, a report revealed. The PM 10 level rose from 78 to 138 micrograms per cubic meter.

As a result of the pandemic and muted celebrations last year, the level of air quality was much less in comparison to the current year.

In Hyderabad, the air quality has reached pre-pandemic levels this year.

What exactly is AQI?

Air quality plays an extremely important role in human life because a person on an average inhales around 14, 000 liters of air daily. Any contaminants in the air will have a negative impact on people’s health.

The AQI measures the air quality in a specific area. Based on the AQI value, there are six categories. They are listed below.

0-50: Good

51–100: Moderate

101–200: Poor

201–300: Unhealthy

301–400: Severe

401–500: Hazardous





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