Friday, July 19, 2024
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South India gets its first trangender railway ticket inspector

Sindhu, a transgender from Tamil Nadu is the first from the community to become a railway ticket inspector in South India.

The transgender who joined the railways 19 years ago in Ernakulam got transferred to Dindigul, Tamil Nadu and has been working there for the last 14 years.

Sindhu, however got injured in an accident and was relocated to the commercial department of the railways.

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Sindhu while speaking to media persons on Friday said, “Transgender people must study hard to achieve respectable positions in society and I strongly believe that any heights can be achieved through education and hard work.”

The first transwoman ticket inspector also said, “I am proud to become a ticket inspector and I have worked hard to achieve this position.”

The transgender community, it may be recalled has faced rejection and exclusion in several areas by society. However, the landmark Supreme Court verdict recognising them as the Third Gender has given a semblance of respect to the community.

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