Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Taliban Refutes Pakistan’s Advocacy For Recognition In Global Community

Ever since the Taliban’s takeover took over Afghanistan and shaped the government, Pakistan has been pushing for the Taliban to assume harmony within the country. They have called on the global community to make peace with the war-torn nation.

Pakistan’s Advocacy Not Widely Accepted Across Taliban 

However, Islamabad’s advocacy for Afghanistan isn’t something that the Taliban has widely appreciated. Many of the authorities and the leaders are of the opinion that the world community needs to consult with them directly and straightforwardly rather than going through nations like Pakistan. As Pakistan has not been asked by the Taliban to introduce them to the world community.

Taliban has maintained that they don’t need any nation to be their voice as they don’t permit any of the outside country in the internal issues of Afghanistan.

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In discussion with a Taliban leader, he said that their system has not asked Pakistan or Imran Khan to advocate or legitimize their administration before the world, adding that it appears to be that Islamabad has given itself this obligation, without talking with the authority in the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan (IEA).

“We have clarified that our initiative is available to talk, connect with and contact any nation as no one but we can legitimize our reality and authenticity to the world”, a Taliban leader said.

Pakistan Authorities Informs US Of Recognizing Taliban “Sooner or Later”

A new team was sent by the Taliban to the United Nations. They had requested them to allow Suhail Shaheen, Taliban representative in Doha to address the UNGA meeting and designated him as Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the UN.

Taliban’s Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi kept in touch with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres regarding the same. .

Then again, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has again approached the global community and the UN to draw in with the Taliban at the soonest to counter the approaching danger of an extreme emergency.

In a new meeting, the Pakistani leader expressed that the US should perceive the Taliban “sooner or later”.