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Unidentified car hits scooter, Daughter Dies, Father injured

Rash and careless driving by one has led to the loss of another’s life yet again. The city witnessed a tragic incident on the night of August 6th when a man and her teenage daughter met with an accident resulting in the death of the girl while the father suffered major injuries.

The father-daughter duo was traveling on a two-wheeler when a car clashed with them. The incident took place in Kundanpally of Keesara area, which is located in the city outskirts.

The victims have been identified as T.Chandramouli (55), and his daughter Sri Vidya (19). They lived in Bommalaramaram of Yadadri-Bhongir district.

The girl and his father, on a scooter driven by the man, were going to Keesaramandal from their home in Chikatamindi village.

On reaching Kundanpally X road, an extremely negligent driver of a car drove towards Keesara and hit the scooter of Chandramouli. The unidentified car then fled the scene leaving its victims on the ground to die.

According to the police, this impacted the daughter sitting on the passenger seat the most, leading to her immediate death while the father sustained critical wounds. They said, “Both fell on the road and Sri Vidya died on the spot. Her father suffered grievous injuries and is being treated at a private hospital.”

The police of Keesara, the place of mishap, have registered a case mentioning the negligence and rash driving of the driver of the car for causing the death of the victim.

A thorough investigation has been commenced with officials putting utmost efforts in finding the car and its owner who caused the tragic accident. CCTV cameras are getting checked to accelerate the identification through surveillance recordings of the night.

Whether the driver was intoxicated or not is being investigated as well.

Each year, Hyderabad reports hundreds, rather thousands of road accidents that often lead to loss of a number of lives.

Hyderabad ranks fourth in India for having the highest number of road accidents after Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru. This speaks volumes about the driving skills and careless attitude of people in the city who take on the road considering it to be an empty playground.

Reports say that over 40% of road mishaps are caused due to human errors.

1,852 speeding accidents were recorded in the city leading to almost 2,000 victims with injuries and 254 deaths. Reckless driving, including overtaking, accounted for 42 fatalities while drink and drive incidents resulted in 11 accidents and 3 deaths.

DC reported Anil Kumar, additional commissioner of traffic police saying, “Our priority is to reduce the number of fatal accidents. We have come a long way in reducing fatal accidents in 2016 when there were 410 deaths by implementing different measures and awareness campaigns. Every year there is tremendous growth in the number of vehicles plying on the city roads. Despite that, we are able to curb fatal accidents.”